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A. J.'s Many Facebook Pages

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This is my main author page on Facebook.

The most up-to-date information about current books can be found there first.


This page is exclusive to #ColoringTherapy on Facebook.

I began this project as a means to help my son learn: fine motor skills with coloring, how to manage frustration and how to relax. We started with some adult coloring books from the local corner store and eventually moved into tie-dye projects as well.

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Official: Legends Of Dragons page

This is the official Facebook page for Legends Of Dragons, the Card Game.

This page is the home for information about Legends Of Dragons, the Card Game, created By A. J.


This page is food related.

I began putting together some cooking ideas, not specifically for single parents, but hopefully helpful to them as well! Mostly tips gathered over the years.

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Internet radio station,®, based in Canada.

Currently operating as the Station Manager & DJ, with well over 10,000 hours on-air, since 2004. (I ceased handling the website near the end of Summer, 2023.)

UO-The Expanse

This page is related to a UO-freeshard I operate.

UO-The Expanse was born in late 2010, early 2011 with the intention of taking UO further, by expanding it. Since the release, we have brought things to UO that have never been added with our custom expansions and custom code.

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The Legend of Ezmerelda

This is the official Facebook page for The Legend of Ezmerelda.

The Legend of Ezmerelda was inspired by a Nintendo(tm) mid-80's console RPG game. It is an adventure roleplaying game, based in the late 1400s, in a fantastical version of France and central Europe, where one or more players develop a character over time, while exploring new locations, rescuing friends, finding lost artifacts, and completing quests. Locations and story-lines are enhanced by factual Romany culture and history.


This is the official Facebook page for Begloomed.

Begloomed, the Card Game was created in the "spirit of iD Software's popular First Person Shooter from 1993" (first person - as viewed through the eyes of the main character, shooter - includes unrealistic weaponry), converted to a card game, with a dungeon crawl. You star as the main character, Our hero Begloomed Person, and you have been transported inside a mainframe to eliminate the viruses! Players draw cards from several piles to determine: each dungeon layout, where the monsters are positioned, how many monsters in a position and the type(s), plus item location(s) and type(s). Combat is relatively simple, but calculations are required.

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This is a social networking brand related to body art.

TAPdd stands for: Tattooed and Pierced. This website is not for everyone, it is restricted to adults (18+)*, but it is not for nudity either. It is mainly targeted towards individuals that enjoy seeing/sharing their body art (tattoos, piercings, etc). We encourage everyday people to share their body art! We also support tattoos in the workplace. Membership is free.

*Because the TAPdd Facebook page is restricted to 18+, the feed cannot be viewed through this website.