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Welcome Page

Welcome to A. J.'s website. Father, Author, Nerd, DJ, Game Developer.

Hello friends! I'm glad you took the time to visit this website. All of the projects I am currently involved in will be accessible through here. While I do have many pots on my stove, I like to try and take the time to stop and smell the roses. That includes interacting with the public. I may have a lot going on, but one still should take time to unwind. Some of the various #ColoringTherapy projects featured on this website, also include work from my son, and we try to work together when we can.

I am no longer using the social media platform formerly known as Twitter (or now known as X), due to the lack of: support, vision, and accountability. I did migrate to Threads app. Feel free to support me and/or my other projects on the other social media platforms shown across this website, plus Patreon has become more active since October 2023.

Lots of creators are utilizing AI in their creations, as is their choice. However, none of the projects created by #ColoringTherapy, or myself as A. J. Bruner, utilize AI software in any form. We, and I, feel that AI detracts from the experience of creation every artist must go through with every project. What is learned by "pushing a button" and having the work completed automatically? Not a thing, and there is no process of creation to learn how to render the final product without the use of AI at all.

If you would like to know more about me...


Galleria of Color: Highlight

The Galleria of Color contains all the various types of artwork created by #ColoringTherapy, available in several different mediums, as well as having the written works of A. J. Bruner with additional purchase options. All of the artwork can be purchased in print form, including stickers, and some options allow for new artwork to be created and used in a new product/project. All written works have the option of being personally signed and stamped, along with a bookmark.

    There are over 400 items currently available across 78 different products.*

*Note: All 3D printed products are currently unavailable until we have a working printing unit again.