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Soul Mates
- Still Waters Run Deep

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About the book...

Everything and everyone is connected in some way or another Once you start to see those connections, your life becomes very clear. The person that owns the newspaper stand is actually your second cousin. That person walking down the street is one of your in-laws. Your mother used to babysit the young woman in the coffeeshop. Connections are all around us and some of them run very deeply.

Carmine finds himself caught in the middle of the worst scandal in the history of New York. The corruption reaches from the deep, dark underbelly all the way up to the Mayor's Office. Now Carmine must figure out who he can trust and who is out to get him. Is the woman that is fighting by his side, really helping him, or just getting close enough to kill him? Can his own family be trusted? He is about to find out just what connections mean, where they begin and where they end. Is he prepared to find out the answers to the questions he has been hunting down so desperately?

A Small Taste...Chapter 5: Smoke on the water:

"Donnie grabbed the mike when he heard Carmine's voice. Michael had contacted the other precincts in the area as well as the Dispatch Office to have them redirect any calls for his precinct elsewhere until the situation was resolved. He left his office and unlocked the supply closet. He had the guys grab Riot gear and rifles so they could barricade the office. Everyone had just gotten their gear together by the time Carmine returned. He went into Michael's office and got him up to speed. Before he turned to walk out the door, he placed his shield on the Captain's desk along with his weapon. "What is about to happen here is beyond the law and it goes beyond the oath I took as an officer," Carmine explained. Michael said nothing, but he picked up both items and put them in his desk."

A. J.'s Notes...

While I was browsing through some photos from one of my friends (thank you Joe!) I happened across a photo that instantly made me think of Carmine, but a much younger version. From there that image sparked the rest of Carmine's youth, well into his adulthood. Once this book was finished, I discovered a new path for the continuation of the Soul Mates series. Of special mention on the cover: The lights representing the Twin Towers, even though the story takes place long before those were built, the heart in ripples on the water, to me represented the 'heart of the city beating', the contrast between a black and white horizon versus color reflections in the water, interesting comparison to viewing the world.


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ISBN: 9781512370119, 9781517246181
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ISBN: 1517246180, 9781512370119, 9788864560020, 9781517246181, 9798864569320
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