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Soul Mates
- Still Waters Run Deep

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About the book...

Love is more than a word, or an idea. It has the ability to take many forms, cause us great pain and great happiness, but is love more powerful than betrayal? Once you know something, is it ever possible to un-know it?

Carmine was a rookie detective when his world came crashing down around him, thanks to his murderous brothers. Events unfold, centered around him and his immediate family, that threatens to rip apart the great city he swore to protect. Things turn around when a woman from his childhood, with unique skills, swoops in to help out and he falls in love with her, but can she be trusted? Can the two of them and a small group of their friends triumph over an organization that thousands of years old, and that has become twisted by greedy, aged men?

Join Carmine, celebrated character from Soul Mates: Perceptions of Love, as he tries to prove that love can conquer all or die trying.

A. J.'s Notes...
While I was browsing through some photos from one of my friends (thank you Joe!) I happened across a photo that instantly made me think of Carmine, but a much younger version. From there that image sparked the rest of Carmine's youth, well into his adulthood. Once this book was finished, I discovered a new path for the continuation of the Soul Mates series. Of special mention on the cover: The lights representing the Twin Towers, even though the story takes place long before those were built, the heart in ripples on the water, to me represented the 'heart of the city beating', the contrast between a black and white horizon versus color reflections in the water, interesting comparison to viewing the world.

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ISBN: 9780463346266

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ISBN: 9781512370119

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