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Legends Of Dragons,
the Book

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About the book...

Legends are often sustained for eons. Passed along through spoken word or an epic writing. In a world of dragons, elves, and humans, where racial tensions often spark confrontation, a threat to the continuing existance of all life has risen once again.

An epoch that will thrust in momentous change stands facing an unlikely union of adventurers. Can old hatreds be buried and forgiven in the face of such an adversary or will they stand as an impassable wall? Either way, the end will come at great cost.

Join characters: Callimina, Mullinath, Talloric, and more, as they each travel a path that leads to the same destination; Signorthralin's mountain fortress. There the characters face off, heroes against villains, good versus evil in an epic battle for the future of the world.

Elves, humans and dragons band together, but are picked apart by old blood feuds and petty family squabbles. Can the sacrifice of the few, save the many?

Only a new legend can help to heal the world.

A Small Taste...Chapter 18 (b): Friends, Enemies, And Death...:

"While most of the camp was still reeling from the shock of the arrogant human challenging their greatest bladesmith, and Al'toreen was too focused on accepting the challenge, Mallen had taken matters into his own hands. The moment Al'toreen picked up the knife; Mallen delivered a terribly destructive blow that landed flat against the tall elf's nose."

A. J.'s Notes...

I began writing the book material first, the game concepts came later. This was my first step into a mythical fantasy setting, like the type I used to read in my youth, and my first chance to create a physical game. Some of my influences came from the Dragonlance Saga(tm) by Margaret Weis and Laura & Tracy Hickman, Magic the Gathering(tm) card game, and concepts from Ultima(tm), created by Richard Garriott. Completed the first draft on November 5th, 2020.

About the game...


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ISBN: 9798554737633

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ISBN: 9798554737633

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ISBN: 9798554737633, 9781494847937, 9798864454961
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