All tie-dye products are made by hand, as time and materials permit.

Cost Breakdown

Shipping is the largest cost associated with this project and because shipping costs may vary, this is estimated below. There is a suggested minimum donation per piece of art, but it is not limited to that value. The minimum donation for each piece is based on costs, plus a few hours for labor at $3.50/hr (This is used only to recoup crafting supplies like: printer paper, printer ink, resin mix, resin colors, glitters, powders, tie-dye inks, fabrics, mixing containers, and sticks. Labor is time actually spent working on a product and does not include things such as: drying and mixing times.)

  • Paypal Transaction Fee: $1.75
  • Sales Tax @ 7% - $1.75
  • Labor: $3.50/hr
  • (this is used to recoup supplies and materials only.)
  • Shipping: $8.00*

*Please, understand that shipping outside of the continental United States will incur additional shipping costs. See the Purchase Example on the right.

After costs are subtracted, the entire remainder is donated to Nina Harris ESE Center, Florida. There are no hidden costs, or administrative fees to reduce the donation amount; all of the profit is donated.

Purchase Example

    Donation Total: $25.00

  • Paypal Fee - $1.75
  • Sales Tax @ 7% - $1.75
  • Labor @ $3.50/hr - $3.50
  • (this is used to recoup supplies and materials only.)
  • Shipping - $8.00
  • Remainder is the Donation Amount: $10.00

Nina currently offers an Adopt-A-Class program. This program allows for the donor to sponsor or "adopt" a classroom with a donation of any amount, but $150.00 (USD) is the standard donation. The donor may select a specific classroom or allow the school to select one. Once a classroom is adopted, 100% of the donation goes into that classroom for academic enrichment.

If the donation total for the collection period is $150.00 (USD) or more, a class will be selected by the school and not by me. This is a personal fundraiser and is not sponsored by Nina Harris ESE Center, Pinellas County Schools, or any individuals on their staff. Donations are made to Nina Harris as #ColoringTherapy.

Q: How does my donation reach Nina Harris?

Costs are subtracted from the Donation Amount (what you are donating) and the entire remainder is added to the Donation Total (all the donations from customers) for that year. After a given period of time or if a specific total has been reached (minimum amount donated is $150), a check is delivered to the school, once per school year.

YTD 2022-2023
$150.00 $17.36

Q: Why are you donating this money to Nina Harris ESE?

My son currently attends Nina and will likely continue attending for the rest of his school career and beyond. Given the amount of: guidance, support, and love he receives there, it was important to give back in some way. Nina Harris focuses on Exceptional Student Education, i.e. children with varying exceptionalities. Feel free to read more about Nina on their website:

Q: Are my transactions here secure?

This is the big question that everyone asks at some point when doing business online. All transactions are handled through Paypal. The address bar in your browser window should help you verify that you are on a Paypal page before you complete the transaction. All transaction inquiries must include a Paypal transaction ID so that I may address any issues with an order.

Q: How are refunds and returns handled?

Because each item is custom made to order, returns and refunds are not possible. However: Items will Not be delivered that are not up to quality standards. In the event of damage to any resin products due to shipping, a credit will be issued for another resin cast of equal or lesser value. Customer must pay additional shipping.

Q: When should I expect my order to ship?

Roughly within 4-6 weeks, but likely sooner. This time range may shift as my availability shifts (working on other projects). If there are any issues prior to shipping, the buyer will be notified. During holidays, shipping times could increase.

Q: What options are available to pick from?

Click the button below to display all currently available colors for tie-dyeing. Green highlight = Available, Red higlight = Not Available. Please visit the Tie-Dye gallery to see samples. (Tie-Dye Gallery)

** IMPORTANT: Double check your dye color options before placing an order, as colors are updated frequently. **

Available Options

** IMPORTANT: Double check your dye color options before placing an order, as colors are updated frequently. **
Green highlight = Available, Red higlight = Not Available
Pearl Grey Scarlet
Fuchsia Purple
Lemon Yellow Cocoa
Sunshine Orange Wine
Brownish Red Kelly Green
Denim Blue Petal Pink
Teal Royal Blue
Navy Blue  

Tie-dye Samples - Price

Price ranges indicate base price and full options. Check options list by clicking Available Options button above.


Measurements are approximate. **Include selected Options in Order Comments!**

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Custom Order

Pillowcase - $25.00 to $30.00

- $25.00 to $30.00

This is a standard size, ~20in / 50.8cm X ~30 in / 76.2 cm, pillowcase and allows for up to 6 colors with mixed patterns.

# of colors to use

Queen Sheet - $30.00 to $35.00

Queen Sheet
- $30.00 to $35.00

This is a Queen sized, ~80in / 203.2cm X ~60 in / 152.4 cm, sheet and allows for up to 6 colors with mixed patterns.

# of colors to use