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About the game...

this game is inspired by Nintendo's(tm) mid-80's console game the revolutionized RPG console gaming. Many hours were spent playing the original game, as well as several of the sequels. Players select a character to represent themselves in the world while traveling to different locations and increasing their abilities.

Game Description:
The Legend of Ezmerelda is an adventure roleplaying game, based in the late 1400s, in a fantastical version of France and central Europe, and inspired by Nintendo's(tm) mid-80's console RPG game. One or more players develop a character over time, while exploring new locations, rescuing friends, finding lost artifacts, and completing quests. Locations and story-lines are enhanced by factual Romany culture and history.

Players will utilize a character sheet and one six-sided die to track various statistics about their chosen character and face tougher challenges as their level increases.

Quest cards allow parties to travel across the world to collect items to be used as weapons and armor, or returned to the city for a reward. While traveling around the world, Monster Checks occur at regular intervals. Parties must camp to refresh abilities and to train. Every 24 hours, the party must avoid capture from "misguided citizens that have turned to Bounty Hunting".

Levels increase in difficulty as monsters get tougher, and each character's stats continue to develop. There is no level-cap, but some stats will be locked after a certain level has been passed, so make your choices wisely.The Legend of Ezmerelda, card back

A. J.'s Notes...
The idea for this game has been lingering on my mind since I was about 11 or 12 years old. I did spend a fair portion of my youth playing video games, but I couldn't keep up with the Joneses. While many of my friends had the latest consoles or PC games to play, it was years before I graduated from my Atari 2600 to a Nintendo(tm) console. The particular game this has taken inspiration from, I spent hours playing. It was one of those games that I didn't want to turn the console off when I wasn't playing. You didn't know for sure if it would actually save your progress! It was not until I was much older that I had time to actually complete the game, but it was fun to play regardless. When it came time to put this game together, I realized I had an opportunity to correct some past mistakes and to also bring some written justice to the impressive culture of the Romany. Players will notice that simple ideas in the game are quite complex just because Ezmerelda is Romani. This requires the players to find different ways of accomplishing their goals and they have to always be on the lookout for the Gypsy Hunters* too!

The phrase "gypsy hunters" here is used in a negative manner to name what historical documentation describes as squads of townsfolks or bounty hunter types tracking down groups of Rom and expelling them from the area, or worse killing them, even those that were suspected of being Romani. The atrocities and abuses perpetrated against Rom date back over hundreds of years and many of them were gruesome.


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