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Picture it: Tomorrow is your anniversary. You have nothing to give, but your love, which is a lot and your partner should be grateful for just that...but you still feel a little guilty and that is okay. However, there is nothing we can do by tomorrow, even with overnight shipping, so we are sorry for this predicament and hope that in the future, when you plan ahead, that you will consider returning to get that "thing" you were going to get during this visit.

Excluding that your anniversary is within the next 3-4 days, we can help! Containers should be cured for at least 48 hours to be fully ready to be used. Trust us, the last thing you want is for your partner to put some jewelry or beloved trinket inside, only to have it get permanently stuck to half-cured resin! Well actually, that would not ever happen with #ColoringTherapy products! But hypothetically, if you had received a sub-standard product from some other place...then all that could happen!

(this has been a dramatization designed to create the "desire to own one of our amazing drink coasters" inside of the customer, but we hope our work speaks for itself instead!)

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